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Pretty good.

The pacing was good, the animation wasn't bad... The only weird part was when it says "A lego kit!" And there are waffles. I guess this is a joke about the "leggo my eggo" ad campaign? I dunno, just weird. It was pretty good tho.

Honestly the only reason I wrote a review is to tell you that when "thelordofcheese" said "Great concept that falls a bit short." he wasn't talking about the length of the animation, something that falls a bit short is something that is not good enough. It's a figure of speech.

Iznvm responds:

thanks for the review. and to clarify, the title of his review says "not long enough" which is one of the stupidest and most ignorant "criticisms" that the NG viewer community offers nowadays.

It's ok.

It desperately needs sound effects. Also, some color or something would be nice. The whole thing reminds me of the flash game, linerider. Obviously theres no real story here, it's just a random ball navigating a random landscape. Eh. Like I say, it's ok.

Looks really good so far.

But it just stops. If this a "preview" of something you are working on - you should mention that in your description. Since you didn't mention that, then I am going to assume that's the whole thing... and if that's the case, then it's just too short. There's no point to it. WHAT HAPPENS NOW. Anyway everything looked good, it's just there's no resolution and no setup. Why is there a big crystal there? What the heck are they doing? What's about to happen? Etcetera.

Looks great tho.

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meh, another maze game?

The game itself isn't bad, but there are so many of these maze games out there. The presentation is okay, one suggestion I have if you have to make another unoriginal maze game, replace the default cursor with something else. I might have rated slightly higher if you had done a better description - "Really good arcade game." No it's not. It's not an arcade game (you won't ever see this in an arcade) and although as these games go it's not bad, it's too unoriginal and not unique enough to be a "really good" one. And even if it WAS really good, and an arcade game, that's still not enough description.

So to recap:

Negative: It's unoriginal, and your description is not good.

Positive: Good use of music and sound effects, and although unoriginal, the game plays well and seems to be well scripted.

I really enjoyed it the first time, but

I really was enjoying this game, but at some point I had to go... Today I came back to play some more and I can't get any of the buttons on the main menu to work except "play more games" which just goes to the Newgrounds homepage. Very disappointing, I'm sure it's a bug, maybe you can fix it? My rating is not affected by this, by the way, I played it enough to know that it's a good game.

Very fun!

Graphics, gameplay, superb. The only negative comment I can make is that if you just hold down any key on the keyboard and move the mouse around, it's super easy because of key repeat. You might consider removing the press any key to fire, to make it more of a challenge, but frankly I think there's no need. you've got a winner here.

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Yeah, it's not great, but it's really useful

For what it is, I'm going to rate it highly. If someone needs some background music of someone playing viola in the other room, or maybe someone specifically wants some not very good sounding music, this is perfect. So I'm rating it highly, as kind of terrbile music.

But don't let that stop you from practicing, you'll get there.

AccountableMasses responds:


I couldn't place the music

I couldn't place the music at first, I just kept thinking "Where have I heard this before? It's so epic!" Then I bothered to read the description, and felt like an idiot. But to my credit (and really more to your credit) it no longer sounds like music from a video game, it sounds much more epic and awesome. Great job.

I always watch cartoons fully before reviewing them, and I try to respond to as many reviews as possible.

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